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- Microblading 

- Combo Ombré Brows

- Eyeliner coming soon!

- Lash Enhancement

"Training matters.

      You cannot do better if you don't know better!"

                _Naómi Saphire


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January 29-31 '22

3-Day Live Combo Brows Training Course 

With Naómi Saphire

Study directly under Naómi Saphire and become a Certified Combo Brow Artist with our LIVE course today!

Course Price: $3,995.00 USD

*Kit, Model and 6 months of support included

6 Months 0% PayPal Financing available for qualifying individuals

Why choose Inkology for your Training?

Here at Inkology, we take great pride in the knowledge we share with each one of our students.  We understand that you work hard for your money and that you want and need to get a return for your investment as soon as possible.  With that in mind, we have developed our Trainings to include both Microblading as well as Powder Brows all in one Training so that you can leave this Training armed and ready to start working!  This will not mean that it will be easy nor will success happen without good ol' hard work and investing time for practice regularly. 


Our Training, will include the following topics -

  • Fundamentals of Permanent Makeup & Microblading

  • Hygiene, sanitation & safety

  • Infection prevention

  • Cross-contamination

  • Disposal of waste

  • Do's & don'ts

  • Blades, needles & instruments

  • Post-procedure instructions (aftercare)

  • Rules & regulations

  • Consultation

  • Procedure area & set-up

  • De-contamination

  • The skin and the target area 

  • Skin conditions

  • Contra-indications

  • Eyebrow anatomy

  • Eyebrow mapping teaching your several techniques to help you draw the best brows possible

  • Color theory

  • Applying the theory using the best techniques that do not create scar tissue!

  • Supplemental materials provided to set you up for success eg. Client history & intake forms, Client consent forms, Client video & photo release & Detailed aftercare instructions in PDF format for you to use in your own establishment.

Every student will get a Manual and a Comprehensive kit to arm you with what you will need to work out there in the real world.  We spend 1,5 days practicing on latex to get you ready for Model day on day 3. 

Your Training will also include and incredible kit to enable you to do your first 20-50 or more procedures! The students are always so impressed by our kit and many report that it is by far the bet kit they had ever received during Training elsewhere. this makes us very happy to hear! 

We include a selection of products for you to try because one size does not fit all. The only way you can figure out what works best for you, is if you are able to try different things. 


Your KIT

Below is a list of things we include in each of our kits during our 3-day Combo Brow Training -

  • A WIRELESS rotary machine for use in Permanent Makeup

  • Needles for machine (A few different ones)

  • Inkology Microblading tools (Different styles)

  • Li Pigments 

  • Aftercare 

  • Practice latex aka Fake skin (A bunch! Not just a few pieces! You NEED to practice to get better so we make sure you have plenty!

  • Inkology Mapping tool (Golden ration divider)

  • Inkology Mapping string (Because mapping can be so hard and we need all the help we can get!)

  • Inkology Mapping Pencils in Black & White

  • Eyebrow tweezers & scissors 

  • Asian razors

  • Ink/Pigment cups

  • Surgical skin marker

  • Secondary numbing gel (We do not pre-numb because it is not necessary with the technique taught)

  • Machine covers (to keep machine clean & uncontaminated)

  • Bandage (for wrapping machine)

  • Microfibre brushes (application of numbing for example)

  • Alcohol swabs for cleaning clients skin before you start

  • Notepad

  • Pen

  • Pencil

  • Makeup bag for Rockstar Permanent Makeup Artists

  • Inkology Apron

As you can see, this is an AMAZING kit and by no means average! You will be so pumped to start working and making money with this kit.

On day 3 each student will get an opportunity to feel what it feels like to work on a model. This part of the process is regulted by the Health Department! You will feel nervous (maybe not?)... either way, this will break the ice! 

At the conclusion of the training,  you will receive a beautiful Certificate that you can hang on your wall for everyone to see💕

Each class will be added to their own group where questions can be asked and work can be submitted for feedback to your Me (Naomi),

your Trainer, via text, private message or within the group.

Looking forward to seeing you in my class soon!

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Ps. Please sign up for any upcoming classes by adding the desired date of training to your cart for checkout:)

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